Say Thank You – Cadbury Praline Chocolates

So the word on the proverbial street is that Loom bracelets are number one thank you gifts for teachers this year. When I was a little girl parents were all about buying the Body Shop goodies for teachers, Brownie leaders at the end of term. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with chocolate or wine. I must admit feeling a stab of envy … Continue reading Say Thank You – Cadbury Praline Chocolates

Craft corner – adjusting sleeves on your t-shirt

Another installment of my attempts to do crafts. This time I decided to slightly adjust one of my boyfriend’s t-shirts. This coincided with a trip to a music festival (ok, it was Slam Dunk and it was about 5 weeks ago!) I customised his beloved MC Lars t-shirt so that D could show off his tattoos. Anyway, here’s how I did it: Fold up the … Continue reading Craft corner – adjusting sleeves on your t-shirt

Butterfly cakes

Sometimes I think with baking its nice to revisit something you loved as a child. Everyone remembers having these beauties at birthday parties or when your mum or grandma fancied doing a spot of baking. Sometimes going back to old school baking is best (and makes you very popular with all involved). As a coincidence this is also one of those recipes that is ingrained … Continue reading Butterfly cakes