Cream Egg Brownies (Gluten free)

So I’ve heard some shocking reports of how Cream Eggs aren’t being made with Dairy Milk chocolate this year. While this may be true I was feeling kind when D had his friend to stay last weekend so I made them some brownies (which also made it to our respective workplaces). While cream eggs are a chocolate traditionally associated with Easter and I notice Easter … Continue reading Cream Egg Brownies (Gluten free)


So today is pancake day and I expect the blogosphere is already inundated with pancake recipes. I for one am now so full of pancake that I can barely move from my sofa and it’s only Monday (we had pancakes a day early as we’re at a gig tomorrow). However, the combination of raspberry sauce and chocolate in these babies is truly decadent as well … Continue reading Pancakes!

Cheese and chive scones

I’m sure there are times when even those with the biggest sweet tooths fancy something a bit less sugary. These cheese scones provide the perfect solution. The excellent thing is they’re cheap to make, they work well as a snack, or with soup or a salady lunch and they taste lovely. I used Coverdale cheese which is a really Yorkshire cheese to be using (D … Continue reading Cheese and chive scones

Happy Valentines Day – How you know when it’s real

First off I will say I really meant to do a lovely recipe idea to cook if you were planning on dining at home with your loved one (or friends and family – Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to appreciate all your loved ones) but I was about to go for a run and I just thought “Sod it, we have all year to … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day – How you know when it’s real

Blue cheese, spinach and bacon tart

So I have mentioned before that I had to change my cooking habits slightly when I was no longer cooking for just myself. Well sometimes D really surprises me when I need it most (ie. when there is nothing else in the cupboard). So while this recipe was born out of throwing some ingredients onto ready rolled out puff pastry it has become one of … Continue reading Blue cheese, spinach and bacon tart

Keeping your food at its best for longer

I’ll start this post with my hands in the air; I am probably not the most domestic food blogger who ever lived. However, lately something made me start organising our food cupboards and fridge to see what was actually in there. It all started a few weeks ago when we had to buy cereal canisters for rabbit food as one of ours ate their way … Continue reading Keeping your food at its best for longer