Christmas Gift Ideas – For the Foodie

Well its now December and Christmas Themed blog posts are well underway – but I can’t bring myself to think about Christmas shopping while it’s still November. Of course, this has its drawbacks in that I always end up getting into a mad panic as the days go on thinking “what do I buy Mum/Dad/big brother/D/the bunnies?”. The answer to my life problems always seem to spring from a good list so I hope if you have not completed your Christmas shopping you enjoy perusing my gift guides (no Dad, you won’t be able to guess from these what you’re getting!)

1. Radnor Preserves – Jam Selection

Gift selection

Jam always goes down exceptionally well as a gift in my house, and these handmade jams would look the business on any Christmas breakfast table. Twists on popular flavours will add a certain decadence to any slice of toast (or croissant if you prefer). I am desperate to try Blackcurrant and vanilla.

2. Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi


To anyone who has been in my house it is no secret that I have a stack of cookbooks. However, this is on my wishlist. My father owns a copy of this and it is filled with truly wonderful recipes that I am desperate to try. Everything that has been cooked for me from this book makes my stomach very happy indeed.

3. Pinnygirls Aprons


I got sent an email advertising these aprons and I absolutely fell in love. Possibly these are more something for the female foodies out there – but how lovely would these be to wear when you are cooking for a crowd, or just to cheer yourself up when baking on a rainy day? They brighten up your outfit and your kitchen effortlessly and they probably make it look like you went to a great deal of effort preparing any dish.

4. Sophie Conran Carving Set


Enhance your silverware collection with this beautiful carving set. Especially handy for carving your Christmas dinner with a flourish. This has heirloom written all over it.

5. Their favourite tipple (I have added one of mine to illustrate my point)


Call me boring – but most people love to receive some nice whiskey, champagne, wine or something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. Every time they drink it will feel like a treat – and doesn’t everyone deserve to feel treated?

6. Betty’s Chocolate Connoisseur’s Gift Box


I thought I’d rep a local brand on the blog, but this gift set is a veritable feats for any chocolate lover (you’d just have to hope they shared this with you!).

7. Arthur Price Cheese Knife Set from Debenhams


I never met a cheese I didn’t like. these cheese knives are the perfect gift for any cheese lover. I mean, obviously if you adored cheese possibly a big cheese wheel would be a better investment, but wouldn’t that start to pong a bit outside of the fridge come Boxing Day? Anyway, these knives look beautiful and mask what fools might call “excessive cheese consumption” with an air of sophistication.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Christmassy gift guides and other festive posts!


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