Home bit part 2

I thought I’d post a little update on things in our home. We were lucky enough to be given a few things around the Christmas period and I thought I’d have a wander round the house snapping things at random that made me smile last Tuesday. We also had to buy a Dyson ball vacuum cleaner and a freezer after I broke our last one (I am fully aware that puncturing a hole in a freezer chipping away at an ice buildup doesn’t exactly scream domestic Goddess). Nevertheless, the aforementioned purchases were possibly the most exciting purchases of the lot. You know you’re getting old when you get excited that your bagless vacuum is picking up way more sawdust from your pets than the previous model you had.

1. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Print

I bought D this for his birthday back in August and it has been sitting around for months waiting for one of us to frame it. I actually found the perfect sized frame in Asda. While it’s easier and equally NICE to buy pictures and prints already framed, sometimes its fun to choose your own frames for things, especially more specialist prints. If you have something that’s an awkward size or shape and you don’t want to trim it down; you can always mount it on coloured card and buy a bigger frame to make it look more finished off.


2. Billy the Kid lyrics print


As I have mentioned a few times D is a music journalist and I am lucky enough to have opportunity to go along to so many gigs and shows I wouldn’t normally see. One of our loveliest evenings was watching Billy the Kid at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds where D picked up this poster after interviewing Billy. Again, I framed this with a plain glass frame from Hobbycraft. (We also ended up naming our girl rabbit Billy!)

3. Cake stand from Asda

DSCN2342It has become a bit of a running joke with my friend Ed that D and I go to Crown Point in Leeds rather a lot. I have been eyeing up cake stands since I first began blogging and I was always put off by lack of space. Luckily this is slightly less of an issue now, which means that cakes now sit in pride of place on the table when I bake, or if we have a special meal.

4. Salt and pepper pots from Austria

DSCN2344My wonderful parents picked this lovely pair up for me when they were on holiday in Austria. As we’re a bit pet mad in this house these fit right in. Cute little things like these are a perfect way or adding a bit of fun into your house without adding too many gimmicks (in my opinion).

5. Debenhams owl oven glove and Rosie’s Pantry dessert spoons

DSCN2345My friend RC got me these lovely items for Christmas and as a belated birthday gift. I think you can still buy the spoons but the poor owl is no longer available online. RC’s real name is actually Rosie so it is highly appropriate. These are the sort of things I would think twice about buying myself due to practicality, so getting them as a gift is a real treat.

6. Egg cups from Asda.

DSCN2347Can you see now why Ed finds it so hilarious that I frequent Asda Living in Crown Point so much? They do some lovely things at very reasonable prices. Possibly I shouldn’t go back for a little while though, at least until I’ve learned where other homeware shops are…

7. Tassimo Machine

DSCN2337They say Scientists run on caffeine and unfortunately I’m no exception. Since D gave me this for Christmas I can barely keep my eyes open until I’ve had my morning caffeine fit. Plus, look how pretty and blue it is! I am saving myself a small fortune by not buying coffee from the show at work; this is so easy to use. I’d recommend one to anyone who enjoys coffee and is pushed for time in a morning.


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