Easy sausage meatballs with tomato and rosemary sauce

So while it seems like the rest of social media is denouncing pasta in favour of kale, sweet potato and lots and lots of protein shakes. While I’m all for healthy eating and living well; I do think there is definitely a place for pasta as part of a healthy diet. Pasta is lovely, in moderation if makes your stomach happy and keeps you full stopping you reaching for something sweeter in the middle of the evening.

In addition, as well as praising pasta in this post I should mention; sausage meatballs have been something of a revelation in this house. Sausages (especially good quality sausages) need no extra seasoning meaning that you can skin the sausages and reshape them in one easy step. In addition it provides a bit of variety when compared with more traditional meatball recipes. It’s probably also a good recipe for my mother (if she’s reading this) who is allergic to pork in its original state but can manage sausages and bacon and from time to time might prefer a new sausage recipe.

DSC_0640To make this you will need

6 – 8 good quality sausages

2 red onions

1 clove garlic

200g passata

Salt and pepper

1 small glass red wine

Worcester sauce (or Hederson’s relish) – optional

1 sprig fresh rosemary

1/2 teaspoon brown sugar

100g frozen peas

Olive oil

Splash of soy sauce (to bring out the umami flavour)

Pasta shells (I use approx 3/4 mug per person except with those fancy ones where the shells are massive)

50g goats cheese

Remove the sausages from their skins by squeezing the meat out with the flat of a knife. Shape the meat into small meatball shapes (about 2cm in size). Put these into the fridge to cool for approximately 30 minutes (or longer if you wish).

DSC_0627DSC_0628While the meatballs are chilling prepare your onions by peeling them and cutting them into segments and peel and crush the garlic. Heat these in the olive oil over a moderate heat until soft. Just as the onions soften add the brown sugar and allow the onion to caramelise.

DSC_0629DSC_0630Add the meatballs and heat, stirring gently until the meatballs are starting to brown. To this add the passata, salt and pepper, wine, rosemary, soy sauce, peas and Worcester sauce (if using). Start cooking the pasta as per the instructions on the pack. While the pasta is cooking gently simmer the meatballs.

DSC_0631DSC_0632DSC_0634DSC_0635Once the pasta is cooked take some of the starchy water and add to the pasta sauce to loosen it. Reseason with the salt and pepper as desired. Stir in the cooked pasta and cut up the cheese and melt into the sauce on a lot heat.

DSC_0636DSC_0638Et voila, meatballs!


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