7 signs you suck at social media

I love blogging, when I miss a few days, or weeks I always have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I want to write and I miss having writing s a creative outlet – I often find myself bursting into song and dance routines or doodling in my diary during meetings (sorry work!) when I have to be serious for too long. However, I am so aware that I write and take photos about things that make me happy and good times with my friends rather than producing super polished work. Sometimes I think if i had more time I would make my blog more magazine style and take photos of myself where I look dreamy, but then I sit back and think, I work full time, I try to exercise, I’m in a show and I have a happy relationship, a nice home, great friends and a lovely family. So I can’t pretend I sit and worry and compare myself to others social media too much; yes it makes me smile and I enjoy reading others blogs and seeing beautiful instagram stuff x, y, z; but its not something that keeps me awake at night. So this is me basically poking fun at myself for not being as hip and happening and some of the blogosphere (I kind of hate that word).

I suppose what I really want to get across through this is to other people thinking of blogging, or who post photos of instagram that don’t immediately get flooded with likes, don’t worry! You’re still cool, you’re still edgy and fun. Don’t get bogged down by all the wonderful things people seem to be doing on social media. Happiness is way more about what is going on right now than anything else! Whilst I love social media and sharing my life and photos I do think it can be damaging, especially around certain events (summer, Christmas, etc) as it only shows the best sides of life.

  1. You frequently forget to post flat lays. When you do it looks like something you dropped on the floor rather than something carefully placed.
  2. When you post a photo of yourself and your significant other nobody comments saying “relationship goals”. You consider it a success if you manage to fit both of you into a picture where you look vaguely normal.
  3. 98% of your facebook photos you’re either drunk, windswept or have potato face. But they make you strangely happy looking back on a nice event.
  4. Your instagram feed is filled with pictures of your pets and nice cakes you have eaten, coupled with the odd blurry photo of a gig you went to. You bet I’m cool.
  5. You forget to tweet for weeks at a time. You rarely use hashtags and don’t understand what 50% of emojis mean.
  6. You’re not 100% what the terms “bae”, “instagram famous” or “on fleek” really mean.
  7. You get really, amazingly happy whenever somebody follows your blog, comments on an instagram photo or likes or comments on a blog post. I adore it when people do this (thank you if you have).

    Thank you and goodnight.


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