The Damn Yankee

The Damn Yankee is a firm favourite with the people of Harrogate. It is an American and Tex Mex restaurant that offers a range of burgers, steaks and assorted items from the grill as well as Mexican style favourites such as chimichangas and burritos. The menu is pretty cheap, the food is tasty and they do a pretty good range of cocktails which makes them a popular night out for people in my department at work.

Last weekend 15 of us ventured to the Damn Yankee for a birthday night out. We had a lovely relaxing time eating burgers and drinking beers and cocktails. I apologise in advance for the poor quality photos, it only occurred to me when I was out that I could make a blog about this restaurant.

To start off with a few of my work friends and I got the combo starter which included onion rings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, tempura prawns and ribs:

Mmmm ribs

I will say that it was shared between 5 of us and there wasn’t a lot to go round. A lot of the food was pretty standard of this type, but the ribs were lovely and so tender. The meat just fell off the bone.
To follow I had a club sandwich which was served with coleslaw and fries:

I got a bit excited about my sandwich arriving and took a bite out of it before remembering to photograph it

It was a mighty tasty sandwich. Sometimes you just crave a bit of junk food and it really hit the spot. Also, it did an excellent job of soaking up any alcoholic beverages that may have passed my lips. As a personal preference I would have preferred a side salad rather than coleslaw, but the coleslaw was rich and tasty. Perhaps I just love colourful meals? I also liked the fries, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just as I like them.

As a side note I’d like to say that I always find the staff at the Damn Yankee extremely polite, welcoming and helpful and I am pretty impressed with how unfazed they are by large groups.

You can find out the location, menu and contact details of the Damn Yankee here. If you’re going to visit the restaurant in a larger group I suggest booking in advance as it can get pretty full up.


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