What do you do when you’re supposed to blog about food but can’t cook? Answer: go nuts doing crafts…

So this weekend was supposed to be a nice chill out weekend with my boyfriend doing Christmas things and making some form of baked good to blog about while he worked Saturday night.  Well that plan fell through due to a sickness bug that left me exhausted. In addition to this I didn’t want to infect my boyfriend, his housemates or any poor unfortunate who was unlucky enough to sit next to me on the train. So I stayed at home tucked up in bed watching various films and cross stitching. Which then turned into making some cheerful Christmas decorations which turned out not so Christmassy but pretty nice to say I spent most of the afternoon folding paper.

My boyfriend was pretty sympathetic and lovely and I got a surprise package of some white roses (my favourite flowers)


Back to the topic in hand, not wanting to be Typhoid Mary and inflict baked good that would make people sick I decided to make some tissue paper pom poms like I had seen on the most adorable blog in the world.  Unfortunately being confined to Harrogate meant I could only get A4 sized tissue paper. Also, it being the first time I had done crafts with tissue paper since I left the Brownies in 1998 I ended up scrunching and ripping my pom poms a bit. Still, they looked pretty nice when hung up.

Paper chainy thing

DSCN0437 DSCN0438 DSCN0440

I also made a little paper chain thing. I think they’re pretty and they brighten up the room. How a 5ft3 girl managed to stick them onto a Victorian/Georgian ceiling is another story (that involves climbing furniture, cling film rolls, using sellotape on a ceiling and potentially upsetting the landlord with all three of the former things). You can find out how to make your own tissue pom pom things here.

As a final point to my story here are two pictures of me looking ridiculously pleased with myself here:

I'm a goon (seriously)


Just hand me the glue gun and call me Martha/Kirsty Allsop/Brown Owl.


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