Spatchcocked poussin – here’s one I made earlier (or not!)

I’ve been curious about spatchcocked poussin since reading about it on Colourful and Culinary a few months ago. The BBC food website describes poussin as:

A small, immature chicken, sometimes called a spring chicken, and weighing about 400 to 500g. Because the bird is only four to six weeks old, the flavour has not developed and there is not much flesh on the bones, but one bird is perfect for a single serving.

However, according to my pack one bird serves 2 and judging by the size I would say this was accurate; unless you have a particularly big appetite, or you’re doing a lower carb diet.

To be honest I picked up a ready to cook poussin from the poultry section of my local Sainsbury’s. While I would be perfectly happy to attempt the above, there was only the ready to cook variety available and to be honest I only picked it up on a whim to see what it tasted like. A word to the wise – don’t go food shopping in a nice supermarket without a list. I got pretty “spendy” purely by browsing and going “hmm venison, I like that” and plopping stuff into the basket.

Anyway, enough about my food shopping (bad) habits. Back to the bird. The poussin was ready seasoned so I just cooked the poussin according to the instructions on the pack (40-45 minutes at 170°C in a fan oven). Now, I must say, bearing in mind this was oven roast and I didn’t use any oil the meat was perfectly tender. In fact, I attacked the half I ate tonight like a hungry lion. It was surprisingly tasty and less dense than I expected as I was expecting it to be like partridge. It was lighter and went perfectly with its accompaniments. I served the spatchcocked poussin with spicy cous cous, tomato stuffed red pepper and steamed asparagus and used the leftovers in a salad.

2013-04-03 18.36.46
Posh ready meal? Raw chicken never looks particularly exciting to me!
2013-04-03 18.41.39
Well really now Ms Chicken! A lady always keeps her legs together!
2013-04-03 19.26.35
Fresh from the oven
2013-04-03 19.28.34
Upmarket for a Wednesday night?

I do urge you to try this tasty meat! I know its only chicken but I believe food is an adventure and part of the journey is attempting new things even if they involve this little effort (although a 45 minute wait for food was torture after the gym).


2 thoughts on “Spatchcocked poussin – here’s one I made earlier (or not!)

    1. To be honest – as horrible as it sounds, I think a lot of meat is from younger animals as its tenderer. I can fully understand where you’re coming from with the “it’s only a baby” argument. However, if you’ve eaten lamb you’ve eaten baby animal realistically :). Definitely try it though, but make sure you favour it well.

      I am wholeheartedly in favour of high welfare standards for my meat (and eggs etc). I would far rather eat vegetarian and vegan meals most days and pay a bit more for meat that’s free range and kept in ethical conditions. Fortunately the Gressingham people do look after their poultry.

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