Home Sweet Home – Manchester

I don’t know why I feel like I have to set the scene with my posts about visiting various eating establishments but I do like giving people a back story. Maybe its the way the cogs in my brain turn?

Anyway, Easter Saturday afternoon I met up with a very dear friend of mine from sixth form college (Miss B) in Manchester. Now Manchester has many great independent bars, restaurants and cafes in and around the city. We decided to visit the Northern Quarter and wander around looking for a likely place for lunch. So we ended up on Edge Street with is home to various cute looking eating establishments and we decided on Home Sweet Home which is popular for its cake and cocktails.

Now bearing in mind the cafe was busy there was no trouble squeezing us in and the staff were lovely and attentive and I liked the fact that they were wearing their own clothes rather than a uniform. In my opinion it gave the place a more homey feel.

We ate from the Easter weekend menu so some dishes may vary from the regular menu.

I opted for a Moroccan mint tea while Miss B chose a cappuccino to drink.

2013-03-30 13.43.48

2013-03-30 13.43.55

I loved the presentation of these drinks. I was particularly impressed with the love heart on the cappuccino, but I’m a bit of a sucker for this and I am definitely impressed with baristas who have these skills.

For lunch I had a pulled pork bun and fries. The pork was beautiful and tender and the barbecue sauce was superb. The brioche roll was soft and the texture of it suited the sandwich. The fries were crunch and tasty.

2013-03-30 13.50.17
Out of focus always means I’m enjoying myself.

Miss B had macaroni cheese made from 3 types of cheese. She really enjoyed it, but definitely found it very filling. Which is part of the charm of such a hearty dish. I was pretty jealously looking at this I must say. I do love cheese!

2013-03-30 13.50.11

Home Sweet Home has a beautiful display of homemade cakes. I just had to take a picture of them to show you all!.

2013-03-30 14.15.14

Being a lifelong cake obsessive I convinced Miss B that we really really needed to try the carrot cupcake.

2013-03-30 14.27.40

My goodness, it was tasty!

I will definitely be coming back here. One of the things I really appreciated was that the staff didn’t hurry us out of the places and we had chance to have a full catch up without being made to feel like we had to leave soon after eating.

You can find out more about Home Sweet Home here.


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