Halloumi kebabs/skewers

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Halloumi.

This is a vegetarian recipe that cheese lovers will enjoy. However, if you’re a hardcore meat eater you could add some chorizo to the mix or serve with parma ham or pastrami, both of which go well with this. Now vegetarian people do have to take care what they eat as too much cheese can cause an increase in your cholesterol, but a bit of cheese is actually pretty good for you.

In addition, I sometimes find it pretty difficult to digest cow’s milk products but I feel a lot less bloated after eating Halloumi which is a ewe’s milk cheese. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to describe these as kebabs but they are quick to prepare and something that people of all cooking abilities can do.

What you need:

Bamboo skewers/metal shish kebab thingies

2 peppers (I used red and green for picture contrast but some people don’t like green so use whatever you fancy)

2/3 of a block of Halloumi cheese

2/3 a pack of mini portobello mushrooms*

The seasoning of your choice (I chose chilli and garlic flakes but the world is your metaphorical oyster)

*I am aware some people are allergic to mushrooms or hate them, I suggest tomatoes, red onion or courgette as a replacement.


Switch on your grill. Chop your vegetables and cheese into bite sized chunks.



I never met a cheese I didn't like
I never met a cheese I didn’t like

Thread your vegetables and cheese onto your skewers in whatever order you fancy. If you have some pieces of pepper or mushroom leftover just grill them alongside the skewers.

Whatever you do don’t try to use these as lightsabers. It will end up in a mess.

Place on a baking tray (the cheese and vegetables can drip when grilling and its easier to clean a baking tray than an oven). Spray with oil/or drizzle on a tiny bit of oil. Season to taste.

Colourful food is the nicest

Bake for approximately 8 minutes on each side.


Some of the ingredients may fall off the skewers. Don’t worry, it will all taste the same! Serve with salad and flatbread or cous cous. Or you eat like me and eat it with soda bread (it was £1 in Asda and although it’s not a patch on J’s mum’s it was pretty lovely).

Salad makes everything look prettier - fact
Salad makes everything look prettier – fact

A great midweek tea after work. My housemate enjoyed these also. Mind you, if it was up to the pair of us the fridge would be filled with different cheeses and cured meats.



3 thoughts on “Halloumi kebabs/skewers

  1. Oooh these look so yummy, it’s times like these I wish I liked mushrooms (other times include seeing them baked and bubbling with cheese. Mmm, cheese)! I’d definitely do them with chunks of onion. Do you think they could be done with meat any way?

    1. I did these a while ago which are pretty tasty. Or you could do it Nandos style and get one of their marinades and marinate some chicken and skewer it up with halloumi, onions and peppers?

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