Warsaw – Poland

First of all, I know apart from the odd post this is first and foremost a food blog. Sometimes I like to share (what I consider) humorous stories that go with the food, but mostly I blinking love talking about how much I enjoy food.

Well this is not a time to discuss all the wonderful Polish food I have eaten. J and I had such a great time visiting Warsaw in Poland that I thought I’d share some of the prettier pictures. To set the scene; J likes to utterly spoil me on birthdays (and in general). This year he decided to take me on a holiday as a birthday present. Only he didn’t tell me what he had booked until the day we went. For once, I was surprisingly chilled out about not knowing. I usually pester J rotten when he has a surprise or secret (he never ever cracks).

J chose Warsaw for its wonderful food and culture (and because we needed some sunshine). Now I have never been to Poland and didn’t really know what to expect. Poland is often known for its sad history over the last century, but we learned a little more of its cultural background. Plus we went to the zoo. Zoos are pretty fun. The funniest thing was that for some reason a lot of our friends assumed that Poland would be cold and miserable which was laughable given the 30°C heat and how freckly I got.

We did an awful lot of walking around the city. The old town is particularly beautiful. It’s a great place for students to visit as its so cheap to get into museums and attractions and the food and drink is really reasonably priced. Most of the city is flat, so it would be pram friendly too.

Anyway;  here is a selection of the pictures from our trip.


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