Blog giveaway! (Plus more on the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards)

To celebrate having a few new followers and to encourage more readers and followers I thought I’d have a bit of a giveaway. I must admit this is also self serving as I’d like to encourage you to nominate me for the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2013.

Anyway, the details on how to enter will appear below but first here are your potential prizes.


The prizes are:

A brand new copy of Baking Magic (as it is one of my favourite cookbooks)

A dinosaur sandwich box (Dinosaurs are awesome)

A bar of Lindt Lindor. I know there are some people who follow my blog who have special diets but if one of those people wins they can let me know so I’ll find an alternative.

A magnetic recipe book on salads that you can stick to your fridge.

Now to enter you can do the following:

1. Follow my blog

2. Nominate me for the Cosmopolitan blog awards by clicking on the hyperlink.

3. Comment on this post or like this post

4. Follow me on twitter and tweet me or retweet my tweet on this post.

5. If you’re feeling shy email me on

The closing date is June 4 2013. The winning name will be picked out of the hat by J. Which means he actually can’t enter but its his birthday the day before so he’ll get lots of goodies then.

I hope you like the prizes!


12 thoughts on “Blog giveaway! (Plus more on the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards)

  1. I love your blog, it makes me want to bake. It’s so well written and sweet too! It’s fab πŸ™‚ and the dinosaur lunchbox is beaut.

  2. I’ve voted for you, you cheeky little parsnip!
    (I’m just after the lunchbox).
    (I would never actually be swayed into voting by Tupperware, branded or otherwise).


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