A little trip to Bettys

So Bettys is something of an institution in Harrogate (and, well the rest of Yorkshire). What can I say? Since moving to Harrogate I have become immensely fond of the place. It does help that one of my flatmates works for Bettys and on occasion brings home free cake. No cake is lovelier than a free Bettys cake.

Anyway, last week I went with some of the girls from work to Bettys and had a lovely afternoon eating scones and drinking tea. The staff were immensely accommodating of 8 girls turning up for tea and cake and didn’t bat an eyelid about us sitting in the shop for a good while sipping tea. We ate in the Montpellier Cafe Bar in the Harrogate branch – you can also dine in the tea rooms, or the Imperial Suite (if you’re pushing the boat out).

Anyway, here is a selection of photos from my visit.

Miss S, ED and I were a little bit naughty and got a couple of cakes to take home (I nibbled on my bits over the next few days). The shop reminds me a little bit of a Christmas grotto.

Now, I must add, to anybody who is put off entering Bettys due to the queue – don’t be. It moves pretty quickly and once you are inside you will be served really quickly. The staff are all really polite and knowledgeable (although I would say that, my housemate and cousin both work there). If you really have an urgent need for cake, there is a shop where you can buy cake to eat in the comfort of your own home (or on a picnic if you’d prefer).

If you live in Harrogate, York, Northallerton or Ilkley you’ve probably been in a Bettys branch. If you don’t, its worth visiting one of these places for cake (plus North Yorkshire is dead nice!).

You can find out a bit more about Bettys as a whole here and the tea rooms here.


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