Viet Village, Bury

Last Summer, my friends RC, M1ke and Mr Dave took a trip to Vietnam to visit our friend CC. CC has been living and teaching in Vietnam for a good couple of years (apart from the few months doing his PGCE). He’s a music teacher and also a pretty epic pianist. Anyway, back to the grub. Travelling around Vietnam really gave RC, M1ke and Mr Dave an education in Vietnamese cuisine, starting with a bowl of pho every morning for breakfast.

Last week RC invited us all to Viet Village, a Vietnamese restaurant it Bury that has received some great reviews from people who have visited. I personally loved all of the dishes I tried, especially the pho which was comfort food at its best.

2013-06-29 20.17.48
My beloved Sriracha hot sauce
2013-06-29 20.18.43
Makes the happiest looking prawn cracker
2013-06-29 20.20.07
I also messed around with some hoisin sauce with a goose on it
2013-06-29 20.20.40
This looks strangely like a cartoon ghost

To start with Miss B and I shared Summer rolls and Spring rolls. The Spring rolls were delicious, not too oily which they can be. I loved the Summer rolls, they were deliciously fresh and looked so pretty.

2013-06-29 20.24.15
Summer rolls

2013-06-29 20.25.53

I followed this with seafood pho. This was really really lovely. It was light and tasty and filling without feeling weighed down with too much food.

2013-06-29 20.59.30
Pho is souper….

Here is a selection of some other photos I took of other people’s dinners…..

2013-06-29 20.50.06
Food stalking doesn’t always work…
2013-06-29 20.51.10
2013-06-29 20.52.20
The beef in this looks superb
2013-06-29 20.55.31
Whisky beef. Oh so tender

As official designated driver I finished off my meal with some iced coffee.

2013-06-29 21.58.06

A wonderful and very reasonably priced meal. If you live in or near to Bury, this restaurant is well worth a visit, My only regret about the whole night was not getting a picture of RC’s traditional Vietnamese outfit to show you all.

You can find out more about Viet Village here.


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