Craft corner – adjusting sleeves on your t-shirt

Another installment of my attempts to do crafts. This time I decided to slightly adjust one of my boyfriend’s t-shirts. This coincided with a trip to a music festival (ok, it was Slam Dunk and it was about 5 weeks ago!) I customised his beloved MC Lars t-shirt so that D could show off his tattoos. Anyway, here’s how I did it:

Fold up the sleeves of your t-shirt and pin in place


Loosely tack the sleeves with a different coloured thread that you will find easy to see and remove the pins.


Take a little more time to sew the sleeves with a similar coloured thread and use an iron to finish off the sleeves to make the whole thing neater.


This shirt actually appears on several interviews conducted D who is a part time music journalist.






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