Happy Valentines Day – How you know when it’s real

First off I will say I really meant to do a lovely recipe idea to cook if you were planning on dining at home with your loved one (or friends and family – Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to appreciate all your loved ones) but I was about to go for a run and I just thought “Sod it, we have all year to show love and affection. Maybe it would be far nicer to write a post about appreciating the smaller things?” Sure romantic candlelit dinners, nights away in hotels, roses and all the other clichés are fantastic. They are celebrated clichés as they are so lovely and its truly wonderful to get surprised. (I love all that soppy stuff) However, the smaller day to day things are what make us stick around and what make us happy in the longer term.

  1. They bring you your favourite snack or wine when you’ve had a bad day. They try to make you smile and cheer you up even when you’re at your worst.
  2. When you can be truly honest with each other and you tell each other exactly what’s going on and how you feel. All those little things you did in your past that you feel embarrassed or badly about – they make you feel better about them.
  3. You find each other’s weird quirks endearing. Sure I get slightly annoyed that I get teased about my morning hair and called “Mopatop” but there is something really special about being able to be human around them.
  4. Even when you’re really annoyed at them, you still feel a bit excited when you see them for the first time when you haven’t in a while.
  5. Not all your interests overlap. You value time spent listening to bands they don’t really like, doing things you enjoy but they don’t and having time to yourself or eith friends doing these things. You have your own space and it makes you love time you spend with them more.
  6. You are introduced to each other’s friends and they make you feel included. I moved to D’s hometown and I met friends he has had a long time and they included me in things from the start. It’s pretty nice to feel welcome in an established group but somehow they managed it
  7. You’re welcome in their home and then before you know it it becomes your home too.


Happy Valentine’s day to one and all. I hope it’s lovely whatever you make of it.


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