Latest favourites

I’m not very good at these favourites posts am I? Sometimes I get so distracted about the thought of food, and recipes and finding time for recipe and ideas for meals I forget to share other things I enjoy in life. (Plus its nice to play around and write different posts to determine what’s most popular and what I most want to write about).

1. Kenco Millicano Whole Bean Dark Roast

So I got sent (a very generous) sample of this coffee about a month ago and its far far superior to the instant coffee I’ve had before. I don’t generally buy the instant stuff (I use my Tassimo or buy it from coffee shops at vast expense). But this stuff tastes really rich and has the slightly cleaner feeling on your tongue of better quality coffee. I took some of this into my work and the more seasoned coffee drinkers rated it highly too. Definitely try this! (In addition Kenco also do a caffeine free version if you can function without caffeine before 10am!)


In addition, I also used this stuff to make iced coffee with coconut milk which provided me with a lovely pick me up this evening while I was wishfully looking out of the window hoping for warmer May weather. Just make a small mug full of coffee with 2tbsp of the coffee rather than one and freeze in an ice cube tray (one of my friends got me this woodland creature set for Christmas). Add to your coconut milk and let the coffee melt into the milk.

DSC_0618DSC_06212. Asda Extra Special 70% Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs.

DSC_0622D and I are both trying to make healthier eating choices in general. I stuck this into my shopping trolley last week and for once we actually did that thing doctors tell you about “eating 2 squares of chocolate”. This is decadent enough to satisfy a chocolate craving without either of us going overboard. A little of what you fancy does you the world of good.

3. Our new shelves

DSC_0624I feel positively middle ages getting excited about shelves. However, Papa Ferg found us a bit of an oak based bargain last week and then came all the way to Harrogate to build them for us. What a legend. My parents also managed to deliver my record player as well so we have another means of listening to music. (D got my a Belle and Sebastien record for my birthday that he saw me picking up and pondering buying so its lovely to finally be able to play it).

4. Hair accessories from ASOS (gold clips) and Accesorize (spotty bow)

IMG_0352    DSC_0623I’ve already formed a bit of an attachment to the bow. I adore polka dots and spotty things (a good chunk of my clothes are spotty), but these are both really pretty and cheer up outfits, even when it rains.

5. Getting the right bra fit

Cautionary tale of the month. I hadn’t been measured for a bra since I was 13 and buying my first bra. Partially due to laziness and partially due to shyness. However, none of my clothes seemed to be sitting right so I followed a friend’s recommendation and visited Fit to Bust. The lady there was a highly efficient, practical woman who took one look at me and promptly told me I was wearing a bra several cup sizes too small. Then told me I was nicely in proportion (which is always pleasing to hear). So I have since fallen in love with Curvy Kate which provides some lovely things without the ridiculous price tag associated with being a bit more curvy.

Anyway, I feel new levels of comfort and somehow wearing the right size makes me look several pounds lighter.

While I am trying to say, there’s no need to be wary or embarrassed of seeing a bra measuring lady I’m not going to post pictures of my smalls on here (or at least just yet). Instead you can have a picture of my littlest rabbit who looks very much like a chinchilla on this picture.



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