Salmon with ginger coriander and lime

Once this post goes live I will be counting down the minutes until one or other of my parents comments on it saying words to the effect of “but you don’t like salmon”. Which is actually pretty true. I eat most things but I’m not a salmon fan by any stretch of the imagination. However, in a bid to continue on our healthy eating streak I decided to make myself try it once more.

Anyway, this recipe is so easy, as long as you have a working oven you can make this while half asleep. Perfect for nights when you really can’t be bothered cooking for too long. The fresh coriander and lime work really well together and quite honestly the combination of flavours made me like salmon just a little bit more. We ate this with rice and peas enjoying all of the omega 3 goodness.

Anyway, to make this beautifully simple dish you will need


Salmon fillets (1-2 per person)

Soy sauce

Fresh coriander

A ginger root (I keep one in the freezer on the advice of my good friend ED, you can grate it into your cooking from frozen)

1/2 lime (I actually have no idea what happened to the other half of this lime!)

Preheat your oven to 200°C. Place your salmon on a piece of tin foil large enough to make a parcel and drizzle over the soy sauce. Grate over a generous helping of ginger. Quarter your lime and squeeze over the juice, place the lime wedges between the salmon fillets. Top with the fresh coriander and wrap into a parcel. Bake for 25 minutes.

DSC_0065DSC_0066Et voila! Proof that healthy eating can be easy to prepare without scrimping on elegance.



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