The Hobbit Themed Chocolate Birthday Cake

Hobbits are well known for their love of food. So is my family. As the Hobbit is one of my Dad’s all time favourite books it seemed pretty fitting to have a birthday cake themed around the part of the Hobbit; although the execution of it was something of a lucky fluke. Fortunately although it is not an exact replica of how Smaug or his … Continue reading The Hobbit Themed Chocolate Birthday Cake

Strawberry and mascarpone brownies

I feel like these brownies which evolved from cheesecake brownies are the height of summer decadence. However, I am all about balance these days and when shared with friends these are the perfect treat for those lazy Sunday lunches we all love in the Summer. I actually tend to use the reduced fat mascarpone in these as I genuinely cannot tell too much of a … Continue reading Strawberry and mascarpone brownies

Chocolate tempering – any excuse to make truffles

Recently I was approached by Something Sweet magazine and asked to write a post where I followed the chocolate tempering guide as featured in their first issue. In addition they sent me all of these wonderful things: To be honest I’d never really bothered going out of my way to temper chocolate before but as I realised earlier this week this was a big mistake. … Continue reading Chocolate tempering – any excuse to make truffles