Afternoon Tea at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Afternoon Tea at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Visiting Blackpool always gives me a lot of Nostalgia. While it wasn’t somewhere my family visited as frequently, I have very specific memories of the place. Getting stuck on top of the big wheel on the pleasure beach in the pouring rain with my mum, windy games of crazy golf and going on a school trip to the tower as a very little girl. Part of the school trip involved us eating our packed lunches in the ballroom so you can understand why I jumped at the chance of reviewing their afternoon teas on here.

I brought my lovely friend Mrs E with me for this trip. As as being a fellow Yorkshire resident; she also comes from Lancashire, so she also has memories of the place. We both wholeheartedly enjoyed eating sandwiches and cake watching different couples dancing. As somebody who has never properly learned how to dance with a partner apart from the odd waltz around the living room with her father, I was impressed by the couples gliding gracefully across the dance floor. Forget Strictly, I was imagining a time when young couples met up in that very ballroom in the not too distant past.

While this wasn’t the most luxurious afternoon tea I have ever eaten, it ranks pretty highly in both taste and atmosphere. The ballroom itself is beautiful and the music from the Wurlitzer organ was very pleasant (and no, there was no rendition of “I do like to be beside the seaside). In fact, we were so distracted by the scones and tea we stropped noticing the music being quite as loud. I think its good to note that while most of the visitors were older, it is something that is lovely for all younger people too and is especially suitable for families (you can buy Slush Puppies at the bar which are a personal favourite!) For those of you who don’t know; in the Tower at Blackpool there are several attractions including the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, the Circus and the Eye at Blackpool so the Ballroom afternoon tea is an ideal place to chill out in between these and would also make a more tranquil setting for an afternoon tea for those of you considering a girls day out in Blackpool (as we were).

For those amongst you wanting finer details of the food – you could tell everything was freshly made. I don’t know what brand the tea was but we both liked it. The sandwiches were made with a pleasant variety of fillings. The scones were sultana scones and were pleasantly soft rather than crumbly. The jam provided was in those little jars and was a high quality conserve and the clotted cream was also excellent. I particularly liked the variety of little cakes (although we saved these for later as we were both too full to properly enjoy them). We had tiffin, a fruit meringue, a freshly baked miniature apple pie and a miniature cheesecake. The cheesecake was so creamy! (D’s reviews of the cakes were also very positive).

I think from this post you can tell we really did have a wonderful time and appreciate being invited to visit so much. The staff were very kind and boxed up uneaten cake for me to take home (which D enjoyed later). The only downside of the entire trip was that I happened to pick a Saturday when the weather was so horrible and stormy we were completely soaked by the time we reached the Tower. (That’s weather in the North West for you!)

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We followed this visit with a trip to the Sea Life Centre and a game of crazy gold. Which I lost. Spectacularly.

Our visit to Afternoon Tea in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom was a press trip so everything was complimentary, but all views are my own. Thank you for inviting me!


Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival

If you’ve ever read Chocolat by Joanne Harris you’ll remember the part where Vianne plans a chocolate festival on Easter Sunday much to the chagrin of the local priest. Well in the town where I grew up (Ramsbottom and yes you are allowed to giggle), a local chocolate shop owner Paul Morris of the Chocolate Cafe had the idea of opening a chocolate market for a few days. What better time than the weekend before Easter? The festival has grown year on year since it first began 5 years ago in 2008 and has become immensely popular. Who can blame people? It’s highly entertaining with live music, chocolate demonstrations and even a beer tent serving chocolate beer. So even if you’re not a fan of sweet food, you’d be entertained.

Now, I was only observing reallyrather than eating lots of sweeties; as I have given up chocolate for Lent and I am getting excited for Easter Sunday, but I’m sure a few people are only just recovering from sugar comas.

The Buddha Lounge

The Buddha Lounge is one of my all time favourite restaurants. Last week we went there to celebrate my mother’s birthday Now I was so wrapped up in eating out and spending time with my family and J that I didn’t actually take any photos (silly me). Rest assured the food is delicious and beautifully presented and the staff cannot do enough for you.

I had seafood sizzling starter, massaman curry and pad Thai noodles which were gorgeous and we all left nursing food babies.

The Buddha Lounge operates as two restaurants in Ramsbottom (where we went) and Whitefield. I think both serve Thai food and Cantonese food, but honestly I’m too in love with the Thai food to try the Cantonese.. If I had one piece of advice it would be: go there.

If you are planning on visiting this restaurant you might want to book, especially at the weekend. You can find out about the restaurant contact details and restaurant locations (and see some actual images in the gallery) here.