Kebabs and other Friday night treats

In my humble opinion sometimes there’s nothing better than marinated chicken. Its simple to do and extremely tasty. Tonight I made up a kebab recipe from the contents of my cupboard and it turned out pretty well.

Ingredients for the marinade to make 4 kebabs:

2 chicken breasts

a splash of soy sauce

1 dessert spoon of chilli sauce

a generous splash of Henderson’s Relish (you can use any Worcestershire style sauce but I am in Yorkshire so I am using the local sauce)

Dijon mustard
Making the chicken marinade is pretty much easy enough for a monkey to attempt to do it (although their opposable thumbs might make it difficult to use a sharp knife). Chop the chicken into fairly regular size pieces of approx 1 inch square. Put into a secure Tupperware container, add the other ingredients and shake the container. Put the chicken into the fridge and leave for a couple of hours.
Switch on your grill before assembling your kebabs so that it is nice and hot by the time everything is ready to cook.

I added cherry tomatoes and pepper to my kebabs. I just chopped up a whole pepper and put the tomatoes onto the skewer whole. I threaded the chicken and the veggies onto the skewer in alternate order so that the chicken remained succulent under the grill.

Then I put it under the grill like so:

Cook under the grill for approximately 7 minutes and then turn the kebabs over to cook for another 7 minutes. The chicken should have gone golden brown. Use a knife to cut to see if the chicken is cooked if you’re unsure.

While my chicken kebabs were cooking I cracked open the goodies I got to graze on along with my kebabs.

Stuffed vine leaves (more delicious than they look, trust me)

Italian antipasti

Spicy chicken pastries

I couldn’t resist trying one of these while I was cooking!

Here are the finished kebabs.

I kept two of these bad boys back for tomorrow lunchtime

So all in all a tasty and easy Friday night dinner. Who said cooking had to be difficult?

Why yes I do like lettuce!

I finished off my meal with some sweet treats from Hotel Chocolat.

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it all, there’s still loads left!

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