Smoked salmon salad

For the last few days I had the inconvenience of a broken cooker so you can imagine my whoops of delight when my landlord installed a shiny new hob. On Wednesday night I came in from the gym absolutely ravenous and ready to chow down on some serious carbs and protein. However, I was also pretty tired so I decided to do something easy with the lemon and black pepper smoked salmon that I had bought (purely because it was on rollback in Asda last week).

So anyway, to round off the thrilling tale of how I came to make this dish I basically decided to make a salmony pasta salad. I made up the recipe as I went along but the basic ingredients were:

wholewheat pasta

lemon and black pepper smoked salmon

cherry tomatoes

a red pepper


an overripe avocado

some asparagus

for the dressing:

olive oil

a drizzle of chilli and garlic sauce from the Chinese section of my local Asda

While the pasta was boiling away I chopped the salmon and vegetables into bitesize pieces. Now comes the really classy part: I got my large pan out to use it as a mixing bowl to toss the salad.

My lovely boyfriend (J) did in fact give me the most beautiful mixing bowl for my birthday last May but I was feeling far too lazy to run up two flights of stairs to get it from my room (a ceramic mixing bowl that I am extremely wary of it being dropped accidentally).

Ahem. Yes.

Anyway, I put all the salad ingredients in the pan, drizzled on the oil and chilli sauce, gave it a mix and hey presto! It was pretty tasty.

Salmon is full of Omega-3-Fatty acids and has lots of health benefits. these include lowering your blood pressure, decreasing joint pain and can reduce the risk of certain cancers.


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