So its Hallowe’en tomorrow and you forgot to make treats…..easy tiffin

So I don’t know if this is strictly what you’d call tiffin, but I really don’t think there are any hard and fast rules when it comes to crushing up digestives and adding melted chocolate. This is a very easy recipe that, while it’s not the prettiest Hallowe’en treat, will win you many friends when you produce it. Plus there’s only a little bit of heating butter and syrup on a hob, so this is probably a good recipe to make with children (it is half term in a lot of places in the UK after all).

You will need to make this recipe at least an hour before you plan to eat it to allow the chocolate to set.

To make this recipe you will need:

A large packet of digestive biscuits (I used Sainsbury’s Basics)

A very large bar of chocolate (Or about 3 100g bars)

2 very generous tablespoons of golden syrup (I actually used toffee ice cream sauce as my local Sainsbury’s was out of golden syrup, it works just as well)

125g butter

100g cinder toffee/3 Crunchie bars (optional but delicious)


Crush your digestives and cinder toffee in a large mixing bowl (you can use a food processor for this bit). Personally I like to take my frustrations out on the biscuits with a rolling pin (when I feel chilled I just find someone who has had a really bad day). The whole biscuit crushing thing is extremely therapeutic.
When the biscuits and cinder toffee are mostly small crumbs break the chocolate and put in a microwave safe bowl and microwave (I did it for two 50 second bursts but it depends on your microwave). Heat the syrup and butter in a small pan on the hob until the mixture is melted and bubbling. Combine this with the chocolate but don’t worry if it’s not mixed perfectly.

Add the sticky chocolate based mixture to the biscuit crumb mixture and mix until everything is covered in chocolate. Spoon onto a baking tray. Leave to cool, preferably in the fridge.

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