Another trip to So!

I paid a second visit to So! a few weeks ago when my friend Jo came to stay. Its fast becoming a favourite of mine as it has tasty food, a chilled out atmosphere, and its reasonably priced. I suggested So! as I knew the quality of food was good and there is a variety of dishes on the menu (naturally, when you want your visiting friend to have a good time you worry about them finding something they’ll like to eat and this was no exception).

We started off with some gin cocktails. Y’know, because gin is awesome.

The Spice Tree
The Spice Tree

The Spice Tree (I looked on the menu to see exactly what the cocktail we had was called), was Hendricks gin mixed with sourz, ginger beer and rosemary, drizzled with toffee vodka. Considering it was made with sourz and toffee vodka it was really refreshing, I suppose that was the ginger beer.

I had a Peri Peri chicken burger.

Pery Peri get in my belly
Peri Peri get in my belly

On the whole I really enjoyed this meal. I did think the chicken itself could have been a bit spicier, but the shot of chilli sauce more than made up for it. I suppose not everyone is expecting it to be very spicy so the additional sauce means people can add what they want. The chicken was really tender and the burger was tasty. If there wasn’t a whole list o food I am dying to try on the menu I’d definitely order it again.

Jo went for Indian chicken in a basket.

Indian chicken in a basket
Indian chicken in a basket

Jo was pretty delighted with how cute the whole thing looked and also took photos of the meal on her posh DSLR camera. Jo is a much slower eater than me and I watched jealously as she tucked into this.

To finish I went for old faithful Brownie and Hot Chocolate. Once a chocoholic, always a chocoholic.

It was just as delicious as last time
It was just as delicious as last time

Jo went for Harrogate ice cream on my recommendation. The selection of locally made ice cream in this area is just fantastic and I have never been disappointed with any I have tried.


If you live in Harrogate or Knaresborough, or are visiting, I highly recommend you pay So! a visit. You can peruse the food and drink menus online here.


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