Menorcan Cuisine

So I think I planned this post months ago after J and my holiday to Menorca. As well as being a completely beautiful place to visit I was surprised about the high quality of the food, especially seafood. I really shouldn’t have been; given that Menorca is pretty famous for its lobster stew. While we did consume a LOT of Spanish style dishes we were also lucky enough to sample some genuine Menorcan food purely by chance – typically you have to go off the beaten track to find it.

In addition, we also went on a trip round some of the famous places in Menorca and got to sample local wine, cheese and macaroons. (I’m glad I wore shorts with an elasticated waist that day!)

My advice is, even on a package holiday (we stayed in an apartment) as around for recommendations of places to eat and don’t be afraid to try local food even if its not what you’re used to. You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you’ve tried it.


3 thoughts on “Menorcan Cuisine

  1. I know, it seems such a long time ago, especially given the cold weather. Its cheered me up remembering it.

    Spanish food is amazing though. My housemate is Spanish and is the most fantastic cook.

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