The Cake and Bake Show, Manchester

As mentioned in my previous post I was at the Cake and Bake show at the weekend first with J, then accompanied by my parents. It was nice to go and absorb some knowledge and buy some cool kitchen stuff (zombie biscuits will be a definite blog post). I particularly liked all the demonstrations from various people in the food industry and as much as anything else I was inspired to get a bit more creative in the kitchen and even attempt my own bread – something I have been putting off for years. In addition, I can safely say I will take on board a lot of the tips given, especially about icing cakes which doesn’t happen to be a strength of mine.

J and I also spent a considerable amount of time watching the people of Billington constructing their gingerbread village. J was pretty freaked out by the gingerbread boy. To be fair, it was almost as tall as me and reminded us of something from Doctor Who.

This is a highly edited selection of the photos I took from both days.

Oh and if anybody is interested I bought: zombie biscuit cutters, vanilla bean paste and a piping nozzle for cupcakes. My wonderful parents also treated me to a whizzy whisk (a hand whisk) so hopefully you will see lots more recipes involving it!

Also if you happen to be attending the London event make sure you watch any Bake Offs involving previous “The Great British Bake Off” contestants. The funniest half hour of my week was watching Cathryn and Brendan making cookies (mainly because of some seriously sticky cookies and the children judging the competition).


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