Tuna steak Nicoise style salad

So I think I have already professed my love of a decent tuna steak? Well I was feeling pretty fancy the other day and decided to make a Nicoise style salad with tuna steak and hard boiled egg. As a bit of a background information on me and my family; Monday night is the night when my family used to have salad for tea and one of the staples over the years was Salade Nicoise. My parents have always been Francophiles. For some reason I have never really bothered making it for myself but I really fancied a fresh and light salad. There have been some adjustments in this recipe; for instance my parents make a proper dressing and I just used olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

I don’t actually know what the true recipe for a Salade Nicoise but I used:

1 Tuna steak

1 egg


1/3 a small cucumber

1/2 a red pepper

A large handful of tomatoes on the vine


A drizzle of olive oil

A drizzle of balsamic vinegar


Stuff I didn’t add but would be nice: spring onions or red onions, boiled new potatoes.

(Serves 1)


Put your eggs onto boil (this can be done well in advance if you want them cold). Steam or boil your asparagus. Layer your lettuce leaves on the bottom of your plate or bowl.

2013-05-11 20.19.57
This is what rabbits much dream about..

Chop your tomato, pepper, and cucumber into bite sized pieces and arrange on top of the lettuce alongside the asparagus.

2013-05-11 20.26.02
As you can see it’s taking shape

Drizzle with the oil and balsamic vinegar. Now I know a few vinegar haters so I’d suggest skipping this part if you;re one of them.

2013-05-11 20.27.03

Top with the olives.

2013-05-11 20.28.10
Its a fairly substantial salad now…

Grill the tuna for a couple of minutes. Then slice and top the salad with the tuna and the hard boiled egg.

2013-05-11 20.32.45
Bon appetit!

Salad is pretty amazing as you feel like you’ve eaten loads but the calorie content can be pretty low.


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