Blue cheese, walnut and apple salad

This salad is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but the flavours and textures in this work really well together. It’s very similar to a Waldorf salad but without the heavy dressing. This is quick to make and is lovely when made with crisp, juice apples. Granny Smith, Braeburn and Cripps pink apple would all work well in this recipe.

To make this you will need:

A good handful of lettuce leaves

An apple

30g blue cheese

A handful radishes

A handful of walnuts

Your favourite salad dressing (although I wouldn’t recommend yogurt based dressing)

(Serves 1)

Wash the lettuce. Cut the apple, cheese and radishes into approx. 1cm pieces. Put the lettuce into your salad bowl as a base to the salad. Add the apple, radishes and cheese to the salad. Sprinkle over the walnuts and dress the salad.



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