The Underground Cookery School, London

Well, an exciting thing happened to me this month. After getting shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan blog awards. I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger event with the Underground Cookery School in Central London. The Underground Cookery School was established in 2003 and offers a range of cookery events from Stag and Hen do’s to more corporate team building events. I arrived at the event a looking a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights, following a long train journey (London is  obviously big and scary!) All of the staff made me feel immediately at ease and the other bloggers were completely lovely too.

The Cookery School itself is pretty unobtrusive from the outside. Situated on City Road the only way to find the place is by the number on the front door. However, the two kitchens they use for classes are lovely. Completely perfect for their purpose – hosting large parties of people eager to cook. When I was there the space was set up into a long table, a more “kitcheny bit” with the oven and things and a long table where we sat down to dine.

Prosecco in hand, myself and my fellow bloggers and their guest made our own pasta from scratch, learned how to joint guinea fowl (and consequently other birds) and prepared artichokes. I have never made pasta before and it was way more straightforward than I thought. I will definitely be making it at home. I must admit before being shown at the cookery school I wasn’t 100% sure which part of an artichoke is actually best to eat! I did accidentally “flavour my food with Prosecco” during the preparing food component of the evening. I am clumsy at the best of times and nerves make me flail a bit. (I had no reason to be nervous, I was just needlessly shy).

While we were cooking we learned a bit of background about Matt Kemp, the patron of the Underground cookery school. I was a little bit too excited to learn that he worked at the River Cafe. Since childhood I have read snippets about the River Cafe in my parent’s Guardian weekend magazine and I have always fancied going.

While the bloggers and their guests drank wine and chatted the chefs worked their magic on the food we had prepared and we were treated to a fantastic meal of homemade pasta with artichokes, guinea fowl with green beans and broad beans (apparently I like them now mum!) and cheesecake. I left full and happy with a goody bag in tow and skipped off into London.

Here are some pictures I took from the event for your amusement.

I had a truly wonderful time at this event and I highly recommend giving cookery classes with you. If you are considering a corporate event consider this: the relaxed atmosphere at these classes got people who had previously not met talking, imagine what it can do within a workplace. Cooking is fun and they cater from everyone from beginners to keen cooks. My only disappointment of the whole evening was that the staff didn’t sit down with us to eat this delicious meal. It would have been really great to learn more about them as well as other bloggers.

I was invited to this event free of charge but if you want to make an enquiry as to how much it costs to book a class you can enquire here.



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