Tweet for a table hosted by the Co-operative @Tweet4atable

At the beginning of October the day following the Cosmopolitan blog awards I was lucky enough to get a table at the Co-operative’s Tweet 4 a table. The concept is simple; you tweet @Tweet4atable with the number of people and the time you wish to attend. You get sent a unique code. When your food arrives you have 30 minutes to dine on a free meal made of the Co-operative products. There have been a number of Tweet 4 a Table locations including Manchester, London and Leeds. As I was already in London for the blog awards with my parents I decided to pop down for a spot of lunch. Knowing that my friend Farny is never one to pass on a free meal (or in fact any free food) I invited him to join us.


You can rely on Farny to make use of props

Mumsy joining in

Available drinks included raspberry juice (which I opted for after a night of cocktails), cider, elderflower juice and Prosecco.


For lunch we were served a variety of cooked meats and deli items. My favourite kind of lunch.





The food was delicious (as I ought to know, I had a summer job working for them). I particularly liked the cured meats and olives. Unfortunately I couldn’t actually finish my portion. However, Farny was on hand to “tidy up” what was left. He also “tidied up” some of my parent’s board too!

I absolutely recommend that if Tweet 4 a table is in your area you check it out. The food is fantastic and really shows off what the Co-op has to offer. The other great thing about the Co-op as a company is that they have always been frontrunner when it comes to ethical trading and sustainability. If you’re concerned about Fair Trade products or animal products being at a high welfare standard the Co-op might just be the supermarket (or local convenience store) for you.

On a less serious note Farny was more than a bit delighted with his free cheesecake vouchers (mum gave him two; the guy has hollow legs!)

You can find out more about Tweet for a table and the latest restaurant pop ups on their Twitter Feed.


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