Craft corner – customising your own trainers part 1

I thought I would start a little section on here where I share crafts (usually simple ones) that I have attempted at home. Basically I love clothes and making things but I am all for a bargain so I thought I would stretch my creating muscles in a new direction. Or you can all laugh at how bad the things I make are and you can imagine me shuffling around town in things I have made.

Anyway, I decided to start simple with some wonderful customised white pumps. Partly because my current favourites are dropping to bits, mostly because I keep buying the crazy patterned ones and decided to see if I could make some.

To customise your own customised shoes you will need:

Light coloured canvas shoes – the sort you would get in Primark and H&M


Fabric pens (or permanent markers; I have stained enough lab coats in my time with these to know they are very water and soap resistant)


Basically start decorating these in whatever way you fancy. Initially devoid of any creative impulses I wrote my name on these….


Then I quickly got into it.


Even though I am not the most artistic girl on the planet these turned out pretty well.


Keep a lookout for the pair I will soon be making for my boyfriend which he wants decorating with his favourite song lyrics (well he does write about music!)



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