Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

This post is a long time coming and I am surprised I have not written it sooner, especially given its a bit part of my weekly food shopping mantra. Healthy eating has an often unfair reputation as being expensive. It can be but then again I think its pretty expensive if you regularly eat takeaways or buy ready meals. Although from the outset cooking from scratch can feel expensive, once you have your store cupboard ingredients you’re pretty much good to go.

I am aware most people who like cooking are pretty good at these, but this post is for those wanting to change their lifestyle but feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Your freezer is your friend. I’ve been surprised by the frozen vegetables you can buy now (I keep thinking of growing up in the 90s when it was peas, carrots and corn). Frozen fish and fruit is also really useful to have in as it means you only have to defrost what you need and it tends to be cheaper to buy.
  2. You don’t have to completely steer clear of food trends but be aware  that it does make your food shop more expensive. Be realistic. Can you justify spending the money on something you might not like, especially if you are prone to buying something, trying it once and then ignoring it while it takes up valuable cupboard space.
  3. Look at your protein alternatives and embrace vegetarian and vegan food. Quorn is our new household favourite. (Can I just say here the people who make Quorn should take a bow, it has improved so much). Not only is it generally lower in fat, it works out as less expensive too. Think about having beans and pulses and adding nuts or eggs to stir fries.
  4. Get your dried fruit from the baking aisle. Seriously, its cheaper buying the bigger packs from here than getting it from the fruit aisle.
  5. Buy your fruit and veg by weight where you can. Again, this stops you spending more than you need on vegetable that you might not finish and not only does it reduce food waste but you spend less.
  6. Plan your meals. Whether this is a vague plan of what you’ll eat or more detailed. Being aware of what you will eat on what night prevents you from buying more than necessary.
  7. Buy yourself some snacks. There will be some days where its just too long between meals. If you buy yourself stuff that you like it’ll prevent you overeating as you’ll feel satisfied. Plus buying more at once can work out cheaper unless you eat an entire multipack of crisps in one sitting (and that my friend is a lot of salt).
  8. Try new recipes. How are you going to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle if you don’t embrace the magic of variety?

Have you got any tips to enjoy healthy eating on a budget?


Craft corner – customising your own trainers part 1

I thought I would start a little section on here where I share crafts (usually simple ones) that I have attempted at home. Basically I love clothes and making things but I am all for a bargain so I thought I would stretch my creating muscles in a new direction. Or you can all laugh at how bad the things I make are and you can imagine me shuffling around town in things I have made.

Anyway, I decided to start simple with some wonderful customised white pumps. Partly because my current favourites are dropping to bits, mostly because I keep buying the crazy patterned ones and decided to see if I could make some.

To customise your own customised shoes you will need:

Light coloured canvas shoes – the sort you would get in Primark and H&M


Fabric pens (or permanent markers; I have stained enough lab coats in my time with these to know they are very water and soap resistant)


Basically start decorating these in whatever way you fancy. Initially devoid of any creative impulses I wrote my name on these….


Then I quickly got into it.


Even though I am not the most artistic girl on the planet these turned out pretty well.


Keep a lookout for the pair I will soon be making for my boyfriend which he wants decorating with his favourite song lyrics (well he does write about music!)