Home bits part 1

I am moving house which means that this blog is officially moving kitchens. As part of this D and I are updating his current home so it is more to our taste and can store all of our accumulated possessions (apparently this girl can shop!) This is a list of some of my current favourites:

1. Joseph Joseph index chopping boards – my wonderful brother actually got these in May for my birthday. Not only do they look really cool, they also help you work more hygienically in the kitchen. Style and substance is always a winner. Available at various stores including Debenhams, John Lewis and Lakeland.

joseph joseph board

2. Terry Pratchett Turtle and Elephant Myth poster from Quantum Prints via Etsy. Putting pictures and prints up around your home can really personalise it without too much effort. We are both avid readers and D is a particular fan of Terry Pratchett.blog image

3. Bathroom storage unit from Ikea. As we are both hideously untidy we really need things that make us put stuff away properly. Fortunately this goes well with the bathroom decor and D proved pretty handy with flat pack furniture. He did suggest that as I am a full foot shorter than him I should use the lower shelves and he gets the high ones – he’s a cheeky one.

This is literally one of the few tidy places in my house right now. Sorry mum!

4. Bathroom hamper from Argos. I was adamant on having somewhere to store my household linens and this was the cheapest option. I’m pretty delighted that it actually looks pretty stylish in real life.

2014-10-26 20.35.48

5. Coloured wine glasses and shot glasses from Asda Living. Clearly we have our priorities right.

glass    shot

6. Kitchen timer from Debenhams. Our kitchen is being redone in a few weeks hopefully so we have chosen a lot of cream things.

2014-10-26 20.55.53

Here’s a selection of things we currently like (obviously being in possession of 2 X chromosomes I am more bothered about some of these things than him):

7. This beautiful mirror from BHS. Mirrors are excellent at making spaces look bigger and this one is also like a window which makes me inexplicably happy.


8. Egg holder from Traidcraft. This one is all my choice I’m afraid. I doubt D cares where the eggs are kept but I find this adorable.


9. Giraffe print from CoulsonMacleod via Etsy. Giraffes are my absolute favourite animal and this is just adorable.


Now if somebody could find me a fruit bowl I would be more than grateful! I’ll post an update in a few weeks, hopefully with pictures of our home in order.


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