Rocky road – just in time for Hallowe’en

I meant to post a pumpkin based recipe for Hallowe’en, I really did. But being able to think up nothing particularly astounding and lacking time I decided to blog a nice little recipe that everyone can knock together in under half an hour. Plus, Hallowe’en is at the end of half term week or a lot of schools in my area and this is a good recipe to make with young children, or can be a way of entertaining older children with minimal supervision (although keep an eye out as they might get giddy after too much sugar, I am 26 and still get a bit over excited if I eat too many of these).

Anyway, to make the delicious rocky road you will need:

400g milk chocolate

120g bag chocolate raisins

3 crunchie bars

2 bags of malteasers

100g marshmallows

150g digestive biscuits

(these are approximate and everything can be substituted as you wish)

In a large bowl use a rolling pin to crush your biscuits and crunchie bars into small pieces. Cut or tear your marshmallows into small pieces and add to the bowl along with your malteasers and chocolate raisins and mix.





Cover everything with melted chocolate and add to a lined baking tray and leave to cool until the chocolate is set.



Use a sharp knife to cut into what you consider to be appropriate portion sizes (sometimes there’s just nothing better than biting into a big hunk of chocolate) and serve.


After all what better way to enjoy Hallowe’en than to sit in your nice cosy house eating your way through a couple of these bad boys? Or if you’re short of time and want to impress, take them along to any parties you might be attending. These are always a great crowd pleaser!


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