Grillshack, Soho

Sometimes you have a perfect weekend away planned with guidebooks scoured, itineraries mapped out and places to eat set in stone. Well, maybe, D and I tend to google places to go with a vague notion of how to get there. We planned a weekend visit to London at the beginning of the month which would end with us travelling to Norwich to watch D’s best friend from university get married. Unfortunately the night before we left we got burgled which was the most stressful situation which could happen without either of us sustaining any sort of injury. Seriously guys; lock your doors, the feeling of having someone rifling through your stuff while you sleep is the worst and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Anyway, this led to arriving in London exhausted and pretty stressed.

Now, before I make everyone too miserable the ending of this story is far happier than you would expect. It includes magic burgers. Seriously; possibly the best burgers, made all the better by us stumbling into the restaurant by chance. The menu at Grillshack isn’t extensive by any means but I am starting to realise that often a shorter menu means that everything on it is cooked really well and the staff really know what they are serving. The restaurant is simply furnished and it the staff were friendly and welcoming, asking us how we were enjoying our food without pressing us too much – sometimes you can eat somewhere and feel like you’re being interrogated.

We shared some buttermilk chicken nuggets to start. Basically chicken nuggets for adults in the best possible sense. Tender tasty chicken with chipotle mayonnaise.

nuggetsTo follow we both had burgers. I had a blue cheese burger while D had normal cheese. The meat was perfectly cooked, just pink enough in the middle and we both agreed the burgers were made from good quality meat. Wonderfully simple and cooked with a great deal of care.

burgers x 2burgersOur true “Northerness” shone through though as we got the bill and both commented how reasonably priced everything was for London. So I think we probably belong in Yorkshire. Anyway to summarise we had a lovely meal out after one of the most disappointing starts to a weekend away. As soon as we arrived at Grillshack we were made to feel welcome and we left feeling much better and more relaxed. Then we went to play with the toys in Hamleys. As you do.

For more information about Grillshack in Soho visit their website or twitter page.


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