Healey’s Cyder Farm, Truro

Last week D and I had a relaxing holiday to Newquay in Cornwall. Not wanting to miss a chance to enjoy a cool glass of cider in the sun and with a certain amount of curiousity about how on of our favourite tipples is made we pootled along to the outskirts of Truro to Healey’s Cyder Farm. Healey’s is most famous for making Cornish Rattler (which is now becoming available countrywide) but they also make more locally available things such as Elderflower wine, Strawberry wine, delicious jams and a range of juices. Unfortunately for me I was designated driver that day so I had to be more selective with my sampling than D, but I still had opportunity to try quite a lot of different things.

Despite being primarily a place where cider is made, this is a highly family friendly day out; with a cider and jam making tour, farm animals and tractor rides. There are several tour options available including the Classic tour and a more extensive tour. We opted for the Classic tour primarily because D’s stepfather is a farmer and we have ample opportunity to ride tractors back at home, but this option is perfect for those visiting with smaller children. The staff at Healey’s are friendly and enthusiastic and full of interesting facts. I had a basic knowledge of how my favourite apple based drink was made but a lot of blanks were filled in during the tour.

The tour concluded with an opportunity to sample nearly the whole range of ciders, juices and wines made on the premises. Being a responsible sort of person when it comes to drinking and driving (don’t drink and drive kids!) I had a few tastes before moving onto the apples juices (juice made from Katy apples is a winner). We stayed a while after the tour to visit the farm animals; making friends with the horses and goats. The restaurant is also lovely, it is clear that nearly everything is made on the premises and the food tastes all the better for it. I indulged in an apple themed cream tea (D had a pasty to mop up the cider).  To finish we spent a small fortune in the gift shop (the best holiday sovenirs are cider themed it would seem). The music we listened to on the way home was accompanied by a rather exciting clink of bottles.

If you’re in the area and fancy a visit to Healey’s details of their location can be found here. Or alternatively contact them on their twitter page.



I like to think an intellectual discussion went on between these two
The happiest little glasses ever

DSC_0537DSC_0538DSC_0542IMG_0416The happiest little glasses everIMG_0438


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