Foodies Festival, Tatton

My wonderful parents and I were lucky enough to attend one of the Foodies Festivals in Tatton a couple of weeks ago. Foodies Festivals are dotted around the year in different places in the country (Brighton, London Edinburgh and Bristol to name a few locations). The Tatton event had an extremely relaxed feel the Sunday we attended and the emphasis seems to be on taking the demonstrations in, grazing on street food and listening to the local live music. It’s also worth noting that entry for children is free and combined with that and the number of dogs we saw scampering around this is an extremely family friendly festival. Its worth noting that you do have to book yourself onto the demonstrations, I would recommend doing this more so on the Saturday of any event when it’s sure to be busier. However, the booking can be done on the day of the event and the demonstration tents can accommodate a large number of people.

I came home with several new recipe ideas, feeling inspired to try different techniques and also very sunburned on my neck! A big thank you to the lovely people at the Co-operative group for giving us complimentary tickets.

To find out more about the location and dates of future Foodies Festivals visit their website here.


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