Why you should nominate me for the 2015 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards


Slightly later than usual the nominations for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015 have opened. I was shortlisted to these awards in 2013 and it was a huge honour and remains one of the biggest achievements for me. In 2013 being shortlisted came at a pretty low point in my life, my long term relationship was crumbling and my self confidence was on the floor. But the opportunities that came with being shortlisted; especially given the low number of followers I had at the time provided a distraction and helped make me feel that I was clever and could be me, even when I felt that my world was being turned upside down. (I also wholeheartedly thank my amazing parents, brother and my friends for cheering me up and making me smile A LOT).

Anyway, since then my life has got a whole lot more lovely. Through a shared interest in writing; I met D and moved in with him. Which means I now no longer house share and I am no longer that annoying housemate who makes cakes late into the night and hogs all the pans in the kitchen. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the nominations and subsequent shortlisting meant a lot to me then and the continued support from everyone still astounds me. It still gives me a thrill when people post comments, or I get a new follow on here.

I am aware the direction of my blog has changed somewhat since 2013. I feel like it has gone from “lets see the maximum number of cakes I can make in a week” to “busy woman throws ingredients together to feed herself and partner”. But to be honest, the pride I feel more posting recipes I know might inspire other busy women (and men) to do their own ad hoc cooking is greater now. Plus when I do bake I enjoy it all the more for feeling like it’s a treat, or like I am giving somebody a great birthday cake.

So in summary, it would mean the absolute world to me if anyone could nominate me by clicking here., but if I don’t make it to the finals all the support I have been given has been the most wonderful blessing and I can’t imagine where I’d have been without it.


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