White chocolate truffles


While I am very much in the “Calm down it’s November” camp when it comes to Christmas excitement, it is good to get some things organised in advance. One of those things is Christmas food (obviously I think this is important as I write a lot of food related posts). Anyway, these white chocolate truffles are stupidly easy to make and are lovely to pass around during any sort of Christmassy event. (Plus if you really want to add to festive cheer you can call them snowball truffles or something!)

Anyway, to make white chocolate truffles you will need:

For the truffles

300g white chocolate

100ml double cream

To decorate

Approx 200g white chocolate (you may need more)


Heat the double cream in a heavy pan to a gentle simmer. Break up the chocolate and melt into the cream. Take the truffle mix off the heat, place in a glass bowl, cover and place in the freezer for a couple of hours to harden.


Using a teaspoon to gouge out the chocolate mix, shape the truffles into balls with your hands. The heat from your hands should melt the truffles into shape.


Melt (ideally you will have time to temper it, for a lovely shine) the white chocolate and dip the truffles in the chocolate to decorate. Leave to cool and store in a cool airtight container.

Serve with a nice cup of tea, or a festive glass of mulled wine.


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