Things I used to worry about when I was 16

Today I came to the shocking realisation that its 11 whole years since I collected my GCSE results. Congratulations to anyone who has just got theirs (or their A Level results). I’m sure they were excellent and reflect a lot of hard work and application. I clearly remember collecting my GSCE’s with my Dad and then walking around the Millgate Centre in Bury eating toffees … Continue reading Things I used to worry about when I was 16

Cocktail Night

Sweeping generalisation but most girls love cocktails; now I know there are many men who can sup even the pinkest drink adorned with the biggest umbrella and I applaud them wholeheartedly; however most of my attempts to make homemade cocktails have been with my girl friends. (Occasionally D and I will make noises about making them at home but we rarely get beyond gin and … Continue reading Cocktail Night

Courgette and pecorino meatballs

Sometimes cohabiting has made me learn far more about myself that I actually realised. One of the things I have learned is when I am determined to do something I eventually do it. So when D admitted to me that he used to regularly eat meatballs from a tin before he had me bossing him about. I was absolutely insistent that freshly made meatballs would … Continue reading Courgette and pecorino meatballs

Happy Valentines Day – How you know when it’s real

First off I will say I really meant to do a lovely recipe idea to cook if you were planning on dining at home with your loved one (or friends and family – Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to appreciate all your loved ones) but I was about to go for a run and I just thought “Sod it, we have all year to … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day – How you know when it’s real