Easy sausage meatballs with tomato and rosemary sauce

So while it seems like the rest of social media is denouncing pasta in favour of kale, sweet potato and lots and lots of protein shakes. While I’m all for healthy eating and living well; I do think there is definitely a place for pasta as part of a healthy diet. Pasta is lovely, in moderation if makes your stomach happy and keeps you full … Continue reading Easy sausage meatballs with tomato and rosemary sauce

Harissa roast chicken with pecorino topped salad

Cooking a whole chicken is way more economical that buying lots of packs of chicken portions and generally you can get more from it that you think; especially if you consider making chicken stock from the bones. That said, having the same roast chicken recipe and serving it the same way could potentially get a bit dull so its nice to have variations on a … Continue reading Harissa roast chicken with pecorino topped salad

Crab, courgette and tomato gnocchi

Everyone has food they eat when they’re alone. Something the people they live with dislike but the person in question not so secretly adores. For me one of those things is seafood and another is bread and cheese. D reviewed a gig in Manchester last week and I took full advantage by cooking crab gnocchi and eating it on the sofa (D is surprisingly strict … Continue reading Crab, courgette and tomato gnocchi

Berry upside down cake

For me the phrase “upside down cake” evokes the memory of a Blue Peter presenter (Anthea Turner I think) making a pineapple topped creation. At the time I was very very little so I can’t say I really remember actually wanting to eat the cake. Anyway, for me the upside down cake is pretty much 70s throwback meets 90s childhood recipe and it appeals to … Continue reading Berry upside down cake

Courgette and pecorino meatballs

Sometimes cohabiting has made me learn far more about myself that I actually realised. One of the things I have learned is when I am determined to do something I eventually do it. So when D admitted to me that he used to regularly eat meatballs from a tin before he had me bossing him about. I was absolutely insistent that freshly made meatballs would … Continue reading Courgette and pecorino meatballs

Cheese and chive scones

I’m sure there are times when even those with the biggest sweet tooths fancy something a bit less sugary. These cheese scones provide the perfect solution. The excellent thing is they’re cheap to make, they work well as a snack, or with soup or a salady lunch and they taste lovely. I used Coverdale cheese which is a really Yorkshire cheese to be using (D … Continue reading Cheese and chive scones

Chicken, goats cheese, tomato and basil tray bake

So chicken and roast vegetable tray bake that I blogged in 2012 is one of the most popular recipes that I have written about and at one point I was number 2 in the search results in google for a tray baked chicken recipe (I was a bit too excited about this). Anyway, tray baked chicken is one of the popular recipes in our household … Continue reading Chicken, goats cheese, tomato and basil tray bake

Yogurt and harissa spiced chicken kebabs

This is a gem of a weeknight meal. Served with cous cous or bulgur wheat for a meal that is satisfying and filling while still being healthy. If you’re not a massive fan of spicy foods take note, the yogurt makes the harissa far less spicy but still flavoursome. Mostly I just like this recipe as I get a tasty meal without much effort – … Continue reading Yogurt and harissa spiced chicken kebabs

Very quick mince pies – perfect for Christmas Eve

I am a terrible girlfriend. Unbelievably so. When I first moved in with D a few weeks ago I made a grand promise of doing him a homemade Christmas cake as he is extremely partial to one. November rolled on and I kept being sidetracked. By mid December I had purchased (an admittedly rather nice) one from Lidl during a rather impractical Christmas shop. The … Continue reading Very quick mince pies – perfect for Christmas Eve