So! Bar & Eats

As a Yorkshire girl at heart and someone lucky enough to live in Harrogate I am literally spoiled for choice when it comes to eating delicious food. As a rule I am not averse to eating food from chain restaurants and actually love some of them (I have something of a Wagamama obsession) it’s always great when you find somewhere local that does delicious food at a reasonable price.

I have always overlooked So! It’s on my way to work and I drive past it nearly every day. To set the scene, as I mentioned in a previous post, my brother was visiting. Unfortunately my key got stuck in the ancient lock in my door and we spent much of the visit trying to remove said key, searching for WD 40 and waiting for a locksmith. It got to quarter to 4 and we finally set out for food, starving after only having had breakfast and some tea and shortbread. We rushed over to Fodder (more on this cafe/shop later) but they had stopped serving food only a half hour before. In desperation and unable to park in the town centre we stumbled on this place. (Which is incidentally a chain of 2 gastropubs but very local). So! describes themselves as “an award winning, independently run bar & restaurant, offering a range of high quality freshly prepared food to meet every occasion, in a contemporary bar environment”.

The decoration inside this pub was lovely; contemporary bar style but with a quieter atmosphere. No blaring music but lively enough that you could have a conversation without feeling like everybody could hear you. The menu has a wide selection of food on offer, plus roast dinners on a Sunday lunchtime. I chose to have a Mediterranean burrito with cajun chicken with a side salad. My brother decided to have posh fish and chips but with a side salad instead of mushy peas (to which he has something of an aversion). My burrito was filled with falafel which I adore and really had Mediterranean flavour. The chicken was pleasantly spicy without the flavour overpowering the other ingredients. My brothers posh fish and chips was prawn, sea bass and sardines, served with the most decadent enormous chips.

Here is a picture of my meal. I couldn’t very well ask my brother for a picture of his when we were that hungry, could I?

After our lunch/tea we debated getting dessert before deciding to go for it and just skip eating later if we got too full. I ordered a brownie and hot chocolate while my brother opted for sweet chips and dips. We also had tea, tea is good for your soul I reckon. My brownie was delicious and chocolatey and my brother ate his with a big smile so I believe he enjoyed it.

A sweet treat to eat! Heh heh heh!

We were both impressed with the food here and I must say it vastly improved our afternoon together.

You can find information about the location, plus food and wine menus at So! in Harrogate and Knaresborough here.


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