An apology

To my followers. I feel like such a fraud, 5 posts in and I’m jetting off on holiday. Due to work commitments I have been coming in late and generally rushing around like a mad lady.Also due to rushing back from work and collapsing in a heap I was eating omlette and soup a couple of nights and I really didn’t think anybody needed a lesson in omlette making (we all have our own way but still). However as a quick post I will let you know of my blogging plans over the next few weeks.

I have already cooked and taked photos of a vegetarian friendly wild mushroom, butternut squash and smoked garlic risotto.

Ditto but with a chicken and vegetable tray bake.

I also plan to cook:

A loaf cake of some sort

Blueberry crumble

Homemade houmous

Some sort of curry containing chicken and chick peas.

I hope you have a lovely week. To finish there are a few of my favourite online recipe:

Jamies piri piri chicken

Turkey burgers (J’s mum introduced me to these beauties)

Tomato spinach and marscapone gnocchi

Stuffed mushrooms


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