Tales of the last venison steak in the shop

From my previous Sunday night food post about beef steak you know I am a lover of lean meat and steak in general. Well somehow today what started out as a hankering to make a duck salad after watching Jamie Oliver ended up in me gleefully skipping down the Harrogate high street with the last venison steak in M&S.

The thing is I got more than I bargained for buying my duck. I really should have just bought enough for just me yesterday. I think every couple in Harrogate must have fancied game because there were only large packs of duck in and I couldn’t justify buying four duck breasts. I had already bought pomegranate and watercress for a duck salad when I had a light bulb moment in which I remembered that most game tastes delicious with fruit (such as pomegranate). So I bought the venison steak with salsa verde butter from M&S.

(Apologies for setting the scene like its a novel instead of a blog post. Just felt it was necessary to explain why I had meat, veg and salad).

I basically followed my usual steak cooking instructions: make sure the pan is hot, make sure oil is fizzing and hot first, cook 90 seconds on each side for a rare steak, leave to stand for a minute before cutting into the meat. If you want a more well done steak simply cook it slightly longer but I am partial to rare meat.

I served my steak with the end of a packet of asparagus, boiled potatoes and watercress and pomegranate seed salad. When I had finished cooking my meat I melted a little extra butter in the frying pan and used it to butter my potatoes.

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I found that the combination of flavours in this meal turned out beautifully. The tartness of the pomegranate and the pepperiness of the watercress lifted the dish.


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