Beautiful Philadelphia

Following New York we had a day each in Philadelphia in the city; however due to having limited time we made the most of our trip by only having a day each in Philadelphia and Baltimore. There is so much history in the older American cities. To us Philadelphia felt like a cross between New York and Amsterdam. There’s something very laid back about the … Continue reading Beautiful Philadelphia

Thai style beef salad

If there is ever such a thing as leftover steak in your house (a rare predicament in mine, but we bought 5 minute steaks yesterday) this recipe is perfect for you. It is a lighter way to enjoy steak and its great for warmer days or if you’re watching what you eat a bit more. While this is not strictly a Thai recipe, there are … Continue reading Thai style beef salad

2000 Trees Festival, Gloucestershire

So this weekend marked my first experience (at the grand old ages of 27) of camping at a festival. Something I never imagined a couple of years ago I’d be doing. However, D being a music journalist with Already Heard got the opportunity to attend the festival with a press ticket so I went along for the ride. 2000 trees is an alternative music festival … Continue reading 2000 Trees Festival, Gloucestershire

Bar and Grill Harrogate – Private dining fun

One of my little cousins (well not so little as he’s now 21 and has been towering over me since he was 13) celebrated his 21st birthday this New Years Eve. As my family love to celebrate special occasions by eating lovely food my Aunt and Uncle organised a pre birthday meal after Christmas at Bar and Grill in Harrogate. (Apologies for the late blogging, … Continue reading Bar and Grill Harrogate – Private dining fun

Tales of the last venison steak in the shop

From my previous Sunday night food post about beef steak you know I am a lover of lean meat and steak in general. Well somehow today what started out as a hankering to make a duck salad after watching Jamie Oliver ended up in me gleefully skipping down the Harrogate high street with the last venison steak in M&S. The thing is I got more … Continue reading Tales of the last venison steak in the shop