Jakes – Harrogate

As mentioned in my previous posts I had my friends AW and RC to stay last weekend. At the time when they arrived at midday on Saturday, J was still at my house. So, having no bread in my house and 4 very hungry people to feed, I suggested a lunchtime visit to Jakes. Now Jakes is really near where I live and I have often walked past it on my way into the town centre, staring longingly at the cakes in the window. Alas, the staff have never taken pity on me pressing my nose up against the window staring at homemade brownies and pastries. This has possibly something to do with the fact that A) I hardly look malnourished and B) I generally look a bit too pleased with life to need cheering up with baked goods.

RC and AW tried the strawberry and vanilla milkshakes. They both said later that they enjoyed them and that they were tasty.

2013-05-04 13.20.55
Strawberry milkshake
2013-05-04 13.21.01
Vanilla milkshake

J and I both had a pot of tea each. For some reason I didn’t think they were worthy of a picture.

AW, RC and I all chose to have steak and caramelised onion on ciabatta. These were really tasty and sorted my hangover fuzzy head right out. I also thought the meat was really juicy so I was happy with my choice.

2013-05-04 13.39.49

J decided to have the chargrilled chicken, avocado and chilli jam sandwich on foccacia. This was also tasty, although I found the avocados a little under ripe. Over all it was a really nice combination of flavours and J seemed to enjoy it.

2013-05-04 13.39.28
I appreciate that this looks like a paving sized slab of bread…

Being a hardcore chocoholic I finished with a brownie. It was delicious, well worth the shop window food lusting.

2013-05-04 14.15.23
Yum yum yum

J had a flapjack. It was also pretty tasty and not exactly the same as all the other flapjacks you seem to get in shops at the moment.

2013-05-04 14.15.27

I really enjoyed my lunch at Jakes and I would definitely go back for a lunch or an evening meal. If you go at a busy time (such as a Saturday lunch time) be prepared to wait a few minutes for table service, the layout of the restaurant means that staff members might not see you as soon and you want their attention. The staff are all polite and welcoming though and there is a very relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant.

You can find out more about Jakes here.


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