Poached apples

I know poached pears are a far more popular dessert but I am championing the poached apple today (possibly due to an absolute glut of apples at my parent’s house). Personally I have never particularly liked the texture of pears so I much prefer apples in their stead.

This is a wonderful, light dessert. Perfect after a big meal when you fancy something sweet. My mum commented to me that it was a good way of getting my brother to eat one of the apples (he isn’t much of a fruit eater). If you don’t want to use anything alcoholic to poach your apples replace the cider with a berry based fruit juice.

To make this dessert you will need:

1 apple per person

1 bottle of cider; (I used mixed berry Rekorderlig)

Fruit juice

1 cinnamon stick (or 1 tsp powdered cinnamon)

3 tsp honey

Greek yogurt (to serve)


Peel the apples so that only the stalk remains.


Place the apples into a saucepan with the cider. While you’re peeling the apples cover each one with a little fruit juice to prevent them from browning. Add the cinnamon and honey to the cider. Simmer the apples on a low heat and prevent the cider from boiling by turning the heat down if necessary. Turn the apples while they’re cooking to make sure they cook evenly.


Once the flesh of the apples slightly softens the apples are ready to serve. You can adjust the sweetness of the cider sauce by adding more honey if you wish. This should take around 15 minutes. Serve with a little of the cider mixture and the yogurt.



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