Griddled prawns

Everyone has to have a few recipes up their sleeve that looks super impressive but takes less than 5 minutes to cook. This is one of those recipes. It can be easily scaled up depending on the number of people, and works as a simple starter or as a light meal.

Griddling is a wonderful cooking technique in that is adds a wonderful charred flavour to any food and you don’t need much oil to cook in a griddle pan. This recipe can be done with prawns that have already been shelled if picking away prawn shells doesn’t sound too appealing.

To make this you will need:

Your desired number of raw prawns

Fry light or similar

1 large clove of garlic

A chilli

A griddle pan

Half a lemon


Put your griddle pan on a high heat. Spritz with your oil or fry light. Crush over your garlic clove and slice over the chilli and heat until both are fragrant.

2013-11-19 19.20.53

Place your prawns in the pan and grill until both sides are pink and slightly charred. Drizzle over some lemon juice mid way through cooking.

2013-11-19 19.21.37

2013-11-19 19.23.11

2013-11-19 19.25.16

Serve with whatever you fancy.

2013-11-19 19.26.45

Sometimes simple and effective is all you need.


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