Baltzersens, Harrogate

Sometimes you find a little place that you adore so much you almost don’t want to tell people about because you love it that much you want to keep it to yourself so that you can still get a seat without waiting too long or your favourite cake running out. Well for me Baltzersens is that place, great atmosphere, fantastic cake and good coffee. I mean, I’m fully aware that I am no expert when it comes to coffee but I know what I like and I like Baltzersens coffee. I am always walk past this coffee shop staring at the cakes like a cat stares at birds in the garden. This place is Scandinavian influenced and uses local produce and I simply love visiting.

Anyway, when Miss B came to visit me I knew as a coffee lover she would appreciate a trip to Baltzersens. We had coffee and cake (well I had waffles and coffee) and it was simply glorious. The staff here are always friendly and helpful and I really like that fact that there is a wide selection of cakes including gluten free options that look as wonderful as everything else.

Here’s what we ate and drank:

2013-11-23 11.46.59
Chocolate and cherry slice

2013-11-23 11.47.05

2013-11-23 11.47.11

2013-11-23 11.48.08
Waffle with cream and Nutella
2013-11-23 11.51.43
It’s just as well I’ve taken up spinning again, eh?

If you’re in the area Baltersens is well worth a visit. It does tend to get busy but I’ve never seen anybody wait too long to get served.

You can find out more here.



One thought on “Baltzersens, Harrogate

  1. HI Charlotte. Thanks for writing these nice things about us. It always makes me happy to hear such positive comments about our team – they work hard to make everyone feel welcome. Do say hello next time you’re in.

    See you soon


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